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SEO Analysis
With One Click

Kirby SEO Audit offers the power of Yoast SEO in a Kirby Panel section. Improve your content and boost your rankings by checking your pages for SEO issues.

Never Slip on SEO Again

Your New Favorite Must-Have Plugin

The Power of Yoast SEO

The SEO checks are based on Yoast SEO, which is helpful when migrating from WordPress to Kirby.

Works With Every Kirby Site

A Panel section that can be dropped into any Kirby site. No matter which other plugins you use.

30+ SEO Checks

Choose which checks you want to perform, such as keyword density or meta description length. We are constantly adding new checks.

Privacy First

No external API calls, no hidden costs. The SEO checks are performed client-side in your Kirby Panel!


The report is generated in English and German, depending on the Panel language. Do you need another language? Let us know!

Watch Your Rankings Grow

Give Kirby SEO Audit a try in the interactive Panel playground and see how it can help you improve the quality of your content.